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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is very much under construction, and will grow as questions are asked and answered.


  1. Futon is not working properly. This is usually a browser issue: Futon only works properly in Firefox. Many features work fine in IE or Chrome but, if you experience problems, please try Firefox. In particular, if you decide to run the test suite in Futon, you should certainly use Firefox (and go into private browsing mode and turn off all browser caching.)
  2. Do I really need CouchDb 1.2? Not for sending and receiving Hydra messages. This works fine in 1.1 and probably in earlier versions. But the ability to set up replication that retries indefinitely on failures, and restarts automatically after a service shutdown, only appeared in 1.1. The ability to automatically compact the database only came in 1.2. So more recent versions are much easier to work with.
  3. Do I really need to modify the CouchDb source code? For CouchDb 1.2, I'm afraid you do. However, the changes have been incorporated into the CouchDb source, so releases after 1.2 will not need modification. If you want to ensure that you are not corrupting your CouchDb installation with random code, then you can get the latest official version of the couch_uuids.erl file from the CouchDb repository at git:// or its GitHub mirror at


  1. WinHttpAutoProxySvc leaks memory. When you are using web proxying, under some circumstances every web request can cause the memory used by the WinHttpAutoProxySvc service to increase. As Hydra makes a lot of web requests, this can eventually overwhelm the client machine. If you find that this process is leaking memory, you can disable web proxying with:
WebRequest.DefaultWebProxy = null;
Of course this only works if your system setup allows you to bypass the web proxy. Typically you can do this where calls are internal to a corporate network.
  1. I cannot open the code in VS2010. Hydra development is done in VS2012; solutions can be opened in VS2010, but you need SP1.

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